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  • Quality!

    I've always been a fan of protein bars but never really ventured out into the world of bar variety. Until I stumbled upon  myHIITkit, this box has been a game changer, it's opened my eyes to the protein bar scene and I've loved every second. Highly recommend!

    IIFYM dieter and fitness enthusiast
  • Seriously impressed!

    I was SO beyond excited to receive @myhiitkit. A variety of 8 protein bars sent every month. Protein bars and ONLY protein bars. No BCAAs. Or whey. Or energy drinks. 

    Foodie, health nut, gym goer and pancake guru
  • Top product!

    Buzzing to get my first @myhiitkit box through this morning! Just as promised no fillers just 8 top notch protein bars. My only issue will be making them last until the next delivery...

    Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer

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