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Are you looking to gain muscle, lose fat or purely maintain your physique? If so, myHIITkit can help you to achieve your fitness goals.

 Having subscribed to supplement boxes before we know the resounding feeling of disappointment when you open your box to find cheap protein fillers and only 2 or 3 protein bars, 4 if they’re feeling generous. They promise they will not provide poor quality boxes but that is exactly what happens in our experience.

Protein bars are a great substitute to chocolate and snacks and with the industry growing every day it means the bars are only getting better this is what we want to deliver and provide to you! Other supplement boxes cannot guarantee a box of just protein bars every month without charging an unrealistic amount.

At myHIITkit we promise to provide you with a minimum of 8 protein bars per month, every month at the best possible price.

Our boxes are suitable for both men and women; the fitness industry is diverse and ever growing which is something we have tried to incorporate into our brand. Health and fitness has become a huge part of every day life for many people and stereotypes surrounding how certain individuals should exercise are being challenged regularly.  Every box has a personal touch which we are sure you will appreciate.

myHIITkit vision:

“You dream. You plan. You reach.”

Our vision is to help others achieve their goals whilst broadening your protein horizon! We stand for a hard work ethic, determination and a great appetite!

 We believe these 3 things are key to reaching your personal fitness targets – hard work and determination inevitably supply results and provide the perfect excuse to eat more! Eating is a fundamental element to accomplishing every goal whether it be muscle gain or fat loss as long as it is not mismanaged.

We are a brand focusing on our consumers and we want our customers to feel part of the brand via our service and help. Business is about people, and we are good with people. 

We are on hand to answer any questions that may arise via email, Instagram and Facebook.

We have teamed up with MIND, a charity focussing on the stigma and challenges surrounding sufferers of mental health conditions. We will donate 10p from every box sold as we believe in this charity and the amazing work they do on a daily basis to help people.