What’s in the box?

8 Protein Bars. 3 Great Subscriptions.   1 Amazing Box.

We pick the very best selection of our favourite protein bars across the market for you every month. Each kit we deliver to you will be different, a nice surprise for you each month! Expect to see the newest bars once they drop!

We do not include “box fillers”, you are not paying for pre workout samples or whey protein flavours! The concept is simple yet we believe effective. You will receive 8 high protein bars which we know is what everyone enjoys and wants! There is no brand currently on the market that provides a purely bar based pack, this is because it is cheaper for supplement box brands to include samples.

Everyone wants to be part of the best upcoming thing though, right?

We believe we are a fun, exciting and distinctive company and we know this will come across in each kit you receive. The variety and quality is evident from the design to the products supplied and we know you will agree with us on this!

myHIITkit Pack

If you’re as passionate about fitness as we are, you’ll know the importance of fuelling your body with the right nutrients to maximise your potential!


Fuelling your passion for fitness